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All About Tsombawi



Tsombawi is an entrepreneur with entities that stretch across several different industries and niches. His company, Frame of Mind Ink, LLC, consists of a positive mindset apparel brand, a positive mindset podcast, music and video production services. The podcast includes having invoking conversations, interviews and insights from other entrepreneurs, leaders and innovators in their respective industries and niches. It also involves looking at life from a different perspective challenging your attitude and character to think positive thoughts, say positive things and do positive deeds. He is also a songwriter, voiceover artist and an accomplished musician. His experience in these areas include being a musician for over 30 years, a songwriter for over 20 years, and a video production and voiceover artist for over 10 years.

Tsombawi also solo work he does as a youth mentor, parenting coach and an author. For over a decade, he has had the pleasure of working in the school education system. During this time, he's worked with students and their parents in after school programs, summer camps, job fairs, behavioral and social skills programs. Working in this industry has equipped him to play an essential part in bringing restoration and guidance to households who have both fathers and mothers and single parent households. He seeks to help numerous families understand, dedicate and commit to the simple principle of family first.

Speaking of family, Tsombawi is very happily married with 2 wonderful children. He and his wife's children are the miracle, promise and testimony behind which both of their books were written in the

Letting Go of Baby 3-Book Series. Together, their life's mission is to be an example of what family was created and designed to be.

In addition, he is working on a non-profit entity that services his local community for educational and life purposes. He also strives to collaborate with other non- profit organizations locally, nationally and globally. As he continues working on his life purpose and mission, his personal vision is to create effective positive change for individuals and organizations both now and the foreseeable and unforeseeable future.

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