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About Tsombawi

He is an entrepreneur with entities that consist of an apparel brand, positive mindset podcast, music and video production services. He is also a youth mentor, parenting coach, songwriter, voiceover artist and an accomplished musician.

His experience in these areas include being a musician for over 30 years, a songwriter for over 20 years, and a video production and VoiceOver artist for over 10 years.

He has worked in the school education system for over a decade working with students and their parents with after school programs, summer camps, job fairs, behavioral and social skills programs.

His podcast involves having invoking conversations, interviews and insights from industry leaders. It also includes looking at life from a different perspective challenging your attitude and character.

To find out more about these business ventures and more click on the images below. 

Business Entities

Get a closer look at the profit and nonprofit business entities he's created and owns by clicking on the image you desire to learn more about.


Public Speaking poc_edited.jpg

Public Speaking

Motivate, Inspire, Determine & Accomplish​

Even though individual services are offered for entrepreneurs, parents, youth, the stock market and a different language, they all work together for the greater good. I'd love to reinvigorate, inspire and guide your community, organization or the likes thereof to accomplish the goals set forth, breakthrough the barriers you face and conquer life on all cylinders.

Young Businessman

Entrepreneurial Corner

Launching and Growing Your Business

Whether you have an idea, just starting, or already have a business, these resources and tools will help you continue to improve your business knowledge, get a better understanding of where your business is headed for the foreseeable future and assist you with customer acquisition and retention for better results year in and year out.


Parenting Sessions


Helping mothers and fathers become or continue being better parents for their children and for themselves. From birth to college students, there's something here for each stage of parenting.

Click "EXPLORE" below for more resources and how to get started.

Youth Conference

Youth Mentoring


The youth of today have a plethora of things they're dealing with from depression, anxiety, massive amounts of peer pressure and more. We're here to help point them in the right direction for both today, tomorrow and the near and far out future.


Stocks, Trading & Investing


Learn the unconventional yet strategic and proven ways to grow your portfolio in the market. For beginners or professionals, short and long term goals and anything else in between.


Hebrew Language Uncovered


Out of all the languages known to man, this is the one that will defy them all! Whether for a deeper but more precise biblical understanding or just to learn something new and invigorating, you won't be able to put this down once you begin!

  • Wed, Aug 10
    Aug 10, 2022, 7:00 PM


125 Rickey Blvd, #1386
Bear, DE 19701

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